How Are Those 2018 Resolutions Going?


How Are Those 2018 Resolutions Going?


January is now officially over and February is practically over! Where did the time go? And it’s about the time that your enthusiasm for your 2018 New Years Resolutions (can we even call them New Year Resolutions anymore?) starts to wane. I learned a long time ago that have New Years Resolutions never really work for me. I build up this grand idea in my head and when no progress is made (due to sheer lack of effort), I usually pack it in.

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First Impressions! Urban Decay Afterglow Palette Review


Urban Decay Afterglow Palette Review


I first saw the Afterglow Palette a couple of months ago when my friend (knowing that I’m an absolute sucker for anything from Urban Decay) sent me a picture of her swatching it and I fell instantly in love. At $55 from Mecca this highlighter is a little on the expensive side but it was time for a little splurge, so I finally got my hands on it last week and it’s everything I hoped it was!


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I am…

I Am

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