The Tell Me More Tag

The Tell Me More TagA couple of months ago, a favorite blogger (Jemma from Dorkface) of mine posted her answers to this tag a couple of months ago and it’s been floating around my mind ever since! The tag was originally created by Lydia from What Lyd Did and apart from it being a great way to share a little bit more about myself , it did get me thinking about why I want to blog.

And so I have finally managed to put pen to paper (actually it was more like fingers to keys) and figure out my own answers. It’d be great to see how other people answer these as well, so let me know if you’ve done this tag yourself and I can check it out!

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2016 ~ So Far.

This year is absolutely flying by! It’s been a whirlwind of changes with work, house developments, family stuff, plus all those little everyday things that just pop-up. All these things mixing together with a lack of motivation and inspiration has pretty much ended up with me putting a lot of of things in my life on hold (this blog being one of them!). A little bit of soul searching has helped me realize that I’m on the fast track to burning out. I know this term is often thrown around but there is no better way to describe it and now that I’m understanding myself better, I can step back, reassess and move forward.

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