Oui Fresh Beauty Box Favourites

Oui Fresh Beauty Box

The Oui Fresh Beauty Box is a subscription box from the amazing duo behind the blog  A Beautiful Mess, Elsie Larson and Elizabeth Chapman. Every month I receive a box filled with wonderful natural and cruelty free beauty products. It’s always the highlight of my day when I see that it’s been delivered.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favourites! These are the products that I’ve tried, loved and will definitely purchase again.

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First Impressions! Urban Decay Afterglow Palette Review


Urban Decay Afterglow Palette Review


I first saw the Afterglow Palette a couple of months ago when my friend (knowing that I’m an absolute sucker for anything from Urban Decay) sent me a picture of her swatching it and I fell instantly in love. At $55 from Mecca this highlighter is a little on the expensive side but it was time for a little splurge, so I finally got my hands on it last week and it’s everything I hoped it was!


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