The Ideal Me

The Ideal Me

It’s the beginning of the year and there is a lot of talk about goals, self development and this being the time to become the best person you can be. Often I’ll make the “decision” to make a change in my habits and then I’ll fantasise about the person I’ll become. I’ll flit around from idea to idea but never really moving forward.

The Fit Chick
This version of me is at the top of her fitness game!  I drink green smoothies for breakfast and go to the gym nearly every day. I also dabble with yoga and other exercise classes. This chick has no problems meal prepping for the week ahead. And finally I can bust out the splits or smash out a couple of pull ups whenever I feel like it.

The Artist
Inspiration and creativity just flow with ease from this version of me. Drawing, painting, embroidery, crocheting, you name it I can do it without a second thought. I also can use all the settings on my camera :p I make things for the love of it but I also have a bit of a side hustle going on . Market stalls, and Etsy store or even through commission, I have a small but steady flow of business.

The Homemaker
My home is always clean. Not a clinical sterile clean but a cozy comfortable one. I always iron, fold and put away my washing. I make all meals from scratch and don’t use prepackaged products. I can whip up a proper sponge cake with ease. My garden is flourishing and I never forget to water my plants. I’m leading a simple, thoughtful life.

The Globetrotter
I am fearless and I am drifting around the world only focusing on the present. I am experiencing new things and making new friends all the time. The places that used to only be experienced through pages of a book are now part of my memory. I am visiting every continent. I can sleep anywhere and I’m not reliant on having running water 😉 .

The Super Librarian
You’re looking for a book and can only describe the cover? No problem, I can find it! Your child hates reading? I can find the book that will change their minds! Ask me a question and I could find it for you but instead I’ll teach you how to find the information yourself. Programs, Collections and Community Engagement, I am on top of it all.

After some reflection on these ‘ideal’ future mes, I realised that I’ll never wholly be one of these fantasies because that’s just not who I am! And that’s okay. I am complicated and human and so I can’t really be put into an ‘ideal’ box. What I can do is embrace these ideas and use them guide myself as I move forward.

If I want to be the Fit Chick, I should focus on making healthy choices.

If I want to be the Artist, I should prioritize setting time aside to be creative.

If I want to be the Homemaker, I should work on forming better ‘adulting habits’.

If I want to be the Super Librarian, I should look for more opportunities for development.

Do you have an ideal future you?

How are you working towards that?

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