Thoughts You Have When Picking Paint Colours.

Thoughts you have whn picking paint colours.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been furiously painting our new house in order for it to be ready for the new year. As I am a first time home owner/painter/DIY-er the whole process has been an experience!

1)  Okay! Time to pick out some paint!

2)  Why are there so many different shades of white?

3)  I’ve narrowed it down to a ‘cool’ white.

4)  This is hard. I’ll try and pick some feature colours instead.

5)  I now have a couple of choice and they’re all so different (really only one or two shades difference).

6)  I’ll just take samples of them and compare them with the flooring.

7)  After staring and comparing for the last 30 minutes we’ve finally picked our feature colours!

8)  And now it’s back to the paint store …again.

9)  I’m pretty sure the staff know me by sight now.

10)  Ooh! That’s a pretty colour!

Thoughts you have whn picking paint colours.

11)  No. I’ve already decided. I can’t get distracted now.

12)  Now to pick a white.

13)  …I still can’t believe how many different shades of white there are.

14) I’ve narrowed it down to three different shades of white but they’re all so different!

15) Oh who am I kidding? They’re all practically the same.

16) I’ll pick …this one!

17) Oh wow, that is actually quite nice.

18) Okay the paint is now sorted. Now I need to buy brushes, painters tape, sealer, primer …and wall putty, scrapes, sand paper …and rollers, paint trays, drop sheets and a drill mixer.

19) I’m done, I’m finally done! Now to the checkout.

20) This all costs how much!?

Do you struggle with picking out paint colours as much as I do?

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  1. I repainted the five rooms in my small house last year around the time of your post too, and I swear… SO MANY SHADE OF WHITE. And then it was like, is this too warm? Hey, random guy, is this too warm? Hahaha…

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